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Problem ? Solution !

IT is the key factor to success in most companies today. Increasing requirements are stretching the budget , time and resources are limited.

We are happy to help find a great, yet simple and affordable solution to your IT Problem.

We are in the business for more than 25 years, in which we helped our customers successfully to increase their business with our IT expertise.

IT Project management

Your IT department is on its limits, still the requirements keep piling up ? Your IT Manager has no experience for the business critical project ahead ? You have excellent tech guys, but you ve lost the team leader ?

We can solve such problems for you. With more than 25 years of experience in IT projects, we get the job done.

Based on the requirements we can offer classic project managment , allthough we experienced that most of the time agile project methods do provide more flexibility keeping projects and their budgets under control.

IT temporary managment

We can deliver temporary management staff to fill gaps in your team, we help you design the job for the position you want to create in your team.

So you can have our all-inclusive service:

  • we develop the job description together with you
  • we are working in this job in your team, thus preparing for the future job owner, reducing the work-backlog
  • executing the job interviews for you, and recommend the best candidate
  • train the new employee

Software development

We develop software in JAVA (J2EE) , Javascript , mobile application.

Our development methods fullfill actual software development standards, mostly we develop l eCommerce web applications or applications for customers in financial business area.

As our product are mostly rated business-critical, we have been audited successfully many times , all our products withstand intense security checks.

If it is the first time you face software quality audit, we are happy to assist you in that matter.

Documentation and workflows are compatible with ISO, six-sigma, we deliver quality.

Concepts and prototype development

We can develop your IT business idea from start to end; delivering technical advice on product development, infrastructure requirements, risk assessment, business plan.


If you need a mockup for your first presentation, or a prototyp, we can help you too - so you can focus on business development, investor relations , setting up your company.

IT Restructuring

Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, downsizing and outsourcing the resulting tasks.  We can design you a new IT Infrastructure , including suggestions for team formation fitting your new requirements.

We can also implement this changes, and help you set up   your infrastructure for a new beginning.